Raw Milk – My 2 Cents (or $10 bucks…)

by livingpaleoish

I have previously been skeptical in regards to the amazing benefits of raw milk consumption.  I know that pasteurization kills milk and basically makes it pointless to drink but all the other hype didn’t really catch my eye.  In the spirit of trying new things and attempting a more healthful lifestyle, I began to consume raw milk about 6 months ago.  At $10 per gallon at my local co-op I still wasn’t completely convinced it was worth it, after all we don’t really need to consume dairy products and the paleo purists would be tisk-tisking me for certain.

My son has eczema, asthma and autism – the trifecta of medical conditions that frequently occur simultaneously.   I recently read about the benefits of raw milk in asthmatics as well as people who have frequent eczema outbreaks.  I thought that fall would be a great time to try him out on it.  I introduced it slowly, starting with raw cream in his grass-fed, local pasteurized milk.  Over a period of several months I moved him over to raw whole milk.  Wow! What a change, his eczema is nearly gone and he had these little warty-looking skin tags that are going away as well.  And the asthma? Haven’t used a rescue inhaler or meds in over a month.  Is it a coincidence?  I really don’t know, it’s way too early to tell but I am hopeful.  Additionally, he was visiting at a family member’s house a few days ago and consumed CAFO dairy and voila, an eczema outbreak.  I know, I know; correlation does not equal causation but it does give one pause to think.  I’ll keep you posted.   By the way, if you are curious as to where we get our milk, it’s Jackie’s Jersey Milk and we buy it through our local co-op.  Happy hunter-gathering paleoish peeps!