Getting To the Root Of Problem Teeth : I will NOT submit to a root canal.

Last Monday I went to the dentist with a terrible toothache.  Not just an ache, but on a scale of 1-10 it was a 12.  Debilitating and nausea inducing.  I was desperate to see what was going on however in my recent research to become enlightened regarding tooth health I was none too thrilled to find myself in a dentist’s chair.  His answer, antibiotics.  This I knew was necessary, I had an abscess.  As much as I detest antibiotics, I rarely take them and I was willing to concede just to get this over with.  But then, he said two words: root canal.  “You should see a root canal specialist immediately”.  My thoughts on this?  Well, the words hell and no summed it up.  I promptly went home, ordered the Cure Tooth Decay kindle edition, some FCLO and High Vitamin Butter oil and began to study up.  I had already made progress on my teeth by having amalgam fillings removed; I was REFUSED to have a root canal.  I also began oil pulling with coconut oil.  Four days later, I’m feeling better.  I’ve been oil pulling every morning and am loving the clean feeling it’s giving to my teeth.  A pleasant side effect is that it seems to help me with my tooth sensitivity to cold and stops the throbbing in my infected tooth.  Although, I have noticed that tooth is “itchy” for lack of a better term however, I am attributing this to healing.  I’m loaded on probiotics and eating NO sugars at all.  Right back on the 21 Day detox protocol.  My FCLO and HVBO arrived today from Green Pastures and I have begun taking those.  I am going to document my experience in trying to heal my need for a root canal.  I am expecting success and will keep posting.