Long Time No Post

by livingpaleoish

Hey Paleoish peeps!  It’s been forever, and I haven’t been doing much with this blog since I’ve been busy with OurWholeLifeBlog.  My son has been going through some serious ish with food and I’ve been making yummies and trying to keep him fed.  However, I have failed to really pay attention to me and my inner cavegir  All this is about to change, I started Whole30 today and I am re-committed to getting into shape and living healthier.  Gone are the gluten free treats and paleo-ifed junk foods.  This cave girl is going balls out, hard cord 100% paleo.  If I find later that I can tolerate raw dairy, I will eat it but for now I need to get my autoimmune issues under control.  Peace out paleoish peeps!