Eating Paleo-style on a budget.

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Long Time No Post

Hey Paleoish peeps!  It’s been forever, and I haven’t been doing much with this blog since I’ve been busy with OurWholeLifeBlog.  My son has been going through some serious ish with food and I’ve been making yummies and trying to keep him fed.  However, I have failed to really pay attention to me and my inner cavegir  All this is about to change, I started Whole30 today and I am re-committed to getting into shape and living healthier.  Gone are the gluten free treats and paleo-ifed junk foods.  This cave girl is going balls out, hard cord 100% paleo.  If I find later that I can tolerate raw dairy, I will eat it but for now I need to get my autoimmune issues under control.  Peace out paleoish peeps!




Getting To the Root Of Problem Teeth : I will NOT submit to a root canal.

Last Monday I went to the dentist with a terrible toothache.  Not just an ache, but on a scale of 1-10 it was a 12.  Debilitating and nausea inducing.  I was desperate to see what was going on however in my recent research to become enlightened regarding tooth health I was none too thrilled to find myself in a dentist’s chair.  His answer, antibiotics.  This I knew was necessary, I had an abscess.  As much as I detest antibiotics, I rarely take them and I was willing to concede just to get this over with.  But then, he said two words: root canal.  “You should see a root canal specialist immediately”.  My thoughts on this?  Well, the words hell and no summed it up.  I promptly went home, ordered the Cure Tooth Decay kindle edition, some FCLO and High Vitamin Butter oil and began to study up.  I had already made progress on my teeth by having amalgam fillings removed; I was REFUSED to have a root canal.  I also began oil pulling with coconut oil.  Four days later, I’m feeling better.  I’ve been oil pulling every morning and am loving the clean feeling it’s giving to my teeth.  A pleasant side effect is that it seems to help me with my tooth sensitivity to cold and stops the throbbing in my infected tooth.  Although, I have noticed that tooth is “itchy” for lack of a better term however, I am attributing this to healing.  I’m loaded on probiotics and eating NO sugars at all.  Right back on the 21 Day detox protocol.  My FCLO and HVBO arrived today from Green Pastures and I have begun taking those.  I am going to document my experience in trying to heal my need for a root canal.  I am expecting success and will keep posting.

Raw Milk – My 2 Cents (or $10 bucks…)

I have previously been skeptical in regards to the amazing benefits of raw milk consumption.  I know that pasteurization kills milk and basically makes it pointless to drink but all the other hype didn’t really catch my eye.  In the spirit of trying new things and attempting a more healthful lifestyle, I began to consume raw milk about 6 months ago.  At $10 per gallon at my local co-op I still wasn’t completely convinced it was worth it, after all we don’t really need to consume dairy products and the paleo purists would be tisk-tisking me for certain.

My son has eczema, asthma and autism – the trifecta of medical conditions that frequently occur simultaneously.   I recently read about the benefits of raw milk in asthmatics as well as people who have frequent eczema outbreaks.  I thought that fall would be a great time to try him out on it.  I introduced it slowly, starting with raw cream in his grass-fed, local pasteurized milk.  Over a period of several months I moved him over to raw whole milk.  Wow! What a change, his eczema is nearly gone and he had these little warty-looking skin tags that are going away as well.  And the asthma? Haven’t used a rescue inhaler or meds in over a month.  Is it a coincidence?  I really don’t know, it’s way too early to tell but I am hopeful.  Additionally, he was visiting at a family member’s house a few days ago and consumed CAFO dairy and voila, an eczema outbreak.  I know, I know; correlation does not equal causation but it does give one pause to think.  I’ll keep you posted.   By the way, if you are curious as to where we get our milk, it’s Jackie’s Jersey Milk and we buy it through our local co-op.  Happy hunter-gathering paleoish peeps!




Cheese and More Cheese

Well, today I went to the library and picked up the Idiots Guide to Cheese Making.  I have wanted to make my own cheese out of raw milk for quite a while but quite honestly the task seems fairly daunting.  My hope is that reading up on the subject will put some anxiety at ease and let me enjoy the whole process.  Hoping I will have a “my first cheese” post by the end of the month.  Speaking of cheese:

As a Paleo-ish gal, I am a huge fan of Kerrygold Dubliner cheese.  Its grass fed Irish goodness!  Tonight I made a super happy discovery.  I have been thinking of a way to get some sort of crispy “crust for various things.  I found that you can fan fry slices of Dubliner and it crisps into a nice little chewy cheesy “crust”.  Super awesome sauce for sure, actually, now I suppose I must come up with some sort of paleo-friendly awesome sauce.  But, that’s for another day.

Happy hunter-gathering Paleo-ish peeps.



Latte, anyone?

Coconut Milk Vanilla Bean Latte

Mix one can of coconut milk in a container with 2 vanilla beans (split/scraped)

Add 1/2 cup to 2 shots of espresso

VOILA! Foamy, delicious coconut latte Paleo-style!

You can also use regular coffee for less of a strong taste.  The coconut milk mixture will thicken overnight which makes a nice foamy whipped cream consistency (I like it on berries too!).  If you don’t have fancy-pants vanilla beans, two capfulls of pure vanilla extract works just fine as well.  Enjoy!

Super Green Salad

Super Green Salad

Organic spring/herb mix

3 very ripe large avocados

1 large English cucumber

1 small bunch green unions

6 strips of crispy bacon – chopped

Pink Himalayan salt – to taste

The creaminess of the avocado in this salad along with the Himalayan salt makes a wonderful substitute for dressing.  If you really miss dressing you could blend several avocados with some olive oil and even add a bit of garlic.  This salad goes great with a variety of meats or just on its own.

Awesome Giveaway by PrimalToad!

Good morning Paleo-ish people! I am off to the local farmer’s market in search of some awesome organic produce.  Later today I will share my favorite salad with you guys.  In the mean time, check out this super awesome giveaway by PrimalToad, it is jam-packed with all the Paleo essentials that some of us may not otherwise be able to afford.  Good luck and leave me a blog post letting me know you entered and why you choose to live Paleo-ish!

Hello world!

Here is what I found about the Paleo diet.  When searching for how to do it, I came across a lot of elitist attitudes.  The big message that I got was that if you can’t afford 6 – 15 bucks a pound for organically grass fed free range meat and top dollar for organic produce that you just can’t do it.  This seems odd to me, since many of us especially in this economy have been forced to make food choices that are less than optimum for our health. 

I will let you in on a little secret. You can do Paleo-style on a budget, even a tight one.  You don’t have to be able to afford the optimum level of meats and other products; I suppose technically that if you aren’t eating grass fed/organic/blahblahblah that you aren’t really “Paleo” so we will call it Paleo Style for the purpose of separating ourselves from elitists that get offended when people dare to call themselves Paleo don’t eat how they “should”.  Then again, our rainwater isn’t organic.  This computer isn’t Paleo and neither is cooking so the definition of Paleo can be very loose. Do what you can, when you can.  Buy what you can afford.  I have lost 20 pounds in the last two months and I feel fantastic.  Not necessarily because of the weight loss, that was just a bonus.  The major benefits are that my skin is clear, I am sleeping better, my joints don’t ache and I am a lot less hungry which makes food a lot less expensive.  Trust me, I would love to support sustainable agriculture and all that jazz but I also love to be able to afford things like electricity and taking our son to the zoo.  My son eats Paleo(ish) as well, no wheat for sure.  He does eat corn.  As an autistic child, he has severe sensory issues that make feeding difficult.  Corn tortillas and chips are one of the very few things he will eat and he doesn’t get a reaction to the corn.  So, if you have a picky kiddo I say if you need to eat corn then do it.  80% Paleo(ish) is still healthier than stuffing yourself with processed breads, cakes, etc.

My point is, please please please don’t get discouraged.  I learned, and am still learning, how to do Paleo by reading the basics and following these rules: no beans, no legumes, no potatoes, and no corn.    I just try to buy non-gmo.  Costco will save your budget if you are looking for great deals on healthy stuff.  Don’t let the “Paleo-snobs” discourage you; this is your health and what you eat is your choice.  Make the most of what you have and you will be just fine.

In the upcoming weeks I will begin to add recipes, commentary and any other tidbits of information that I hope will help my readers.


Eating Paleo-style on a budget.

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